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Work at Home Agents

Homeshoring- Job Opportunities for
Work at Home Agents

Homeshoring has been there for some years now in the BPO outsourcing industry and it seems that it is here to stay for a long time. It is predicted that the number of home-based agents in the US will rise to 330,000 by 2010. Homeshoring, also popular as homesourcing, involves BPO services that are provided by virtual agents who work from home. The call center employees sitting in the office do not provide these services. In their place, home-based agents with appropriate telephone and Internet facilities do all the works outsourced to them by a particular company. Homeshoring is, in fact, a combination of outsourcing and telecommuting. However, homebased agents are required to come to an office for training from time-to-time.

Job Opportunities for 'At Home Agents'

The work-at-home job opportunities vary on the basis of call center types. However, most of the home-based virtual agents are required for customer service. Some companies hire work-at-home agents on a regular basis while others hire home-based agents on a seasonal basis such as the floral companies, or holiday shops. Some of the job opportunities for work-at-home agent include:

Homeshoring Work at Home Agent

Benefits of Homesourcing

Homeshoring jobs are benefcial for people who want flexible jobs and those who cannot leave home to go to offices such as stay-at-home moms, retired persons, disabled persons etc. For employers, homeshoring means direct cut in overhead expenses. Some of the advantages of homeshoring for employers include recruiting and retaining skilled staff, improved morale, environmental benefits, reduced overheads and increased opportunities for the disadvantaged in society.
These were benefits of homeshoring jobs for employers. The 'work at home agents' too get many advantages through homeshoring jobs.

Requirements for Homeshoring Jobs

As the type of call center influences the job opportunities, so is the case with specific qualities the companies seek in their work-at-home agents. Depending on the nature of the job, a prospective virtual agent may need to possess special skills or a specific professional background. Apart from the professional qualifications, the homeshoring agents might be required to meet some technical requirements too. Most of the times, these include a dedicated phone line and office space in the home, a computer capable of running company-owned software, and any other equipment that may be listed as essential by the company.

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