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Offshore Call Center

Offshore call center refers to a call center that is located in a foreign country and are primarily used for inbound calls.

The Concept

These call centers have gained immense popularity owing to the lower overseas labor costs. The population of the country speaks English language. The cost savings afforded by offshore outsourcing is attractive to enterprises in many industries. The organizations opting to outsource their centers offshore can greatly reduce their need to invest in new or upgraded facilities and technologies.

Round-the-clock coverage can be expensive, although it is essential, specially because separate economies continue to converge into a global marketplace. In some offshore countries, call center jobs are highly sought after and are filled by primarily college-educated representatives; the result is that the level of professionalism and ability to handle a variety of call types may be higher than in local centers. The offshore locations for call centers operate with high standards of customer care, offering service commensurate with that which is typical of local outsourced call centers.

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