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Medical Coding

Medical Coding is a significant BPO Service being extensively carried out in India for the benefit of medical practitioners' worldwide. Medical coding service makes the onerous task of identifying complex medical procedures and interpreting it in the form easily understood by medical staff at the insurance company besides the health service providers and the patients involved.

How does Medical Coding Helps?
In today's scenario medical procedures have become seriously complex as newer treatments for various types of diseases are being worked out. Medical professions are finding it tough to pinpoint exact description for a medical coding process. This is where medical coding service helps. Medical coding helps the medical insurance providers understand what was wrong with the patient, what treatment was administered to him and whether all those was necessary or not. This helps even the non-medical staff at the insurance company to settle the claims at a much faster pace. Thus, helping not just the patients but also the medical practitioners. In the absence of medical coding, doctors incur huge financial loses as there are unable to get their due besides it also helps to get the payment much faster.

Medical Coding Process
Medical coding process makes use of computers to devise and describe complex medical and surgical procedures by giving them codes. Coding, therefore, helps in determining exact nature of the procedures that needs to be followed. Coding system has significantly improved in recent times. Medical codes are classified as Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and International Classifications of Diseases (ICD). This transparent coding methodology is of immense help to patients, doctors and insurance company.

A typical Medical Coding Process follows following steps:
Why Outsource Medical Coding Service to India?
Medical Practitioners in developed countries are finding it extremely advantageous to outsource Medical Coding Service to India for various reasons like:

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