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What is US Based Call Center in India?

US Based call center is a call center of a US company that has all its operations in India. Having Indian operations has reduced their cost structures and allowed these companies to sell their onshore brands and then deliver their services with an offshore cost structure. US based call center outsourcers locate their operations in India as India is considered to be the best for outsourcing due to several reasons like large talent pool, easy availability of manpower, support of government, etc. Convergys and others have built call centers in India and are moving call volumes from US to lower cost locations. In India this is one of the major call center.

Time Zones of US Based Call Centers in India

US based call centers in India have US clients and so the working hours depend on the times zones of USA. The call center has different shifts depending on the standard time.
USA have the following time zones :

Jobs Outsourcing From US

There are various jobs like management, business, computer, life sciences etc. that are moving offshore. The number of jobs moving offshore was about 102, 674 in 2000 which further raised to 587,592 in 2005. This number is expected to rise further to 1,591,101 by 2010 and 3,320,213 by 2015.

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