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Business Transcription

Business transcription is the service of converting audio files into verbatim transcripts for companies across industries - from medicine and insurance to airlines and automobiles. It is the perfect solution of transcribing all business services. It also offers services in producing document forms of event like sales meeting, budget planning session and other business conversations.

The process can easily make workload seem endless for employees but yet its the most wonderful way to create a more productive atmosphere for employees.

Outsourcing Business Transcription

By outsourcing business transcription service one can save money in the following ways : Business Transcription Services for Various Groups
Business Transcription Services for Focus Groups
Focus Group Transcription can be defined as a science requiring unique methodology to ensure accuracy for every detail of the session. All recorded tapes of meetings and seminars or conventions can be transcribed using MS Word or Word Perfect software.

Business Transcriptions for Speakers/Moderators
All recorded tapes of lectures and interviews can be sent to the appropriate place for transcribing the standard tape into typed copy utilizing MS Word or Word Perfect.

Business Transcriptions for Teleconferences
With Teleconferencing becoming essential for business the transcription of teleconferencing is gaining ground. The transcription of your teleconference will greatly cut down your cost for tapes needed for recording the conference. A verbatim record of the teleconferences are provided to keep as permanent record or distribute among those who were not present at the time of conference.

Business Transcription Services for Books/Manuscripts
Thoughts are transcribed and put on paper, disk or e-mail. Content and grammar are edited and verified to generate transcripts that are reader-friendly and grammatically correct.

Business Transcription Services for Police and Fire Departments
High confidentiality informations of taped interviews, traffic accident reports, fire reports, bugged conversations, interviews of witnesses and/or suspects, and wire taps of police and Fire departments are undertaken. High confidentiality and efficiency is essential for such transcription.

Business Transcription Services for Schools
Providing quality service like handling overflow reports, projects and accreditation reports. By Outsourcing School Transcription Service Needs, one can optimize funds for various other useful purposes rather than spending the bulk of money in transcribing them locally.

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