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Information and Literature Fulfillment

The outbound call centers offer information and literature fulfillment services for businesses.

The Concept
If the client is in the business of selling products, the outsourced call centers handle jobs right from taking order to processing the credit card and to its fulfillment and shipping. The Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are fully trained to offer sales and inventory reports to help the clients track their effective businesses.

The service can be customized to fulfill the client needs. The call centers also specialize in offering additional services such as catalog, brochure and information packet fulfillment. These information fulfillment services are offered direct to the caller via mail, fax, or email. The fulfillment services to the caller can be personalized with customized letters using the information taken during the call.

In cases of clients having large number of products or more complex fulfillment requirements, the call centers use their efficient relationships with several fulfillment centers or can even work closely with any center as selected by the client.

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