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Emergency Alert Systems

Emergency alert system (EAS) was designed by FCC to send out important emergency informations. It was introduced in 1997 and is an upgrade to the former Emergency Broadcast System which was intended to keep American citizens warned of impeding Soviet nuclear attacks but in turn became the most essential method of passing on information about natural disasters.

Formerly it was used just to pass information to the President who in turn address the nation through several broadcast methods in the event of a national emergency. Now this system is used to broadcast emergency notification messages to thousands of households warning of natural disasters. This system can also provide safety instructions and various other informations to seek shelter.

Some of the upgrades from the old EBS systems include:

Working of EAS

All registered broadcast stations have EAS hardware installed. A central signal consisting of codes is sent out on the system. The signal is then received by the system which is further re-transmitted to all other broadcasters within a certain geographic area. These emergency messages are broadcasted by the use of AM, FM, TV, cable and satellite.

Types of Emergency Alert System Calls

Benefits of Emergency Alert Systems

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