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Voice Messaging

Voice recognition software allows the system to recognize keywords or phases from a caller. Voice recognition is an excellent application to aid callers who do not have access to the touchtone keypad or are using rotary phones.

The Concept

Enhanced voice-recognition functionality promises lower call-center costs facilitates the call-center agents to handle only those calls that require human intervention. There are multiple types of voice recognition such as:

It makes a voiceprint of customers' voices and enables the call center to automatically recognize customers each time they call. This is done once the call center has programmed the voices into the system. Instead of pressing prompts on a telephone keypad, the customer can speak requests and the system can automate them, lessening the burden on call-center representatives. An administrator sets tolerance thresholds that will alert a call-center agent should a person fall below the threshold of probability, adding another layer of security to customer accounts.

Voice recognition systems help machines understand a caller's voice and extract meaning from the words. Callers do not have to say specific words such as 'collect' or 'refund' for the technology to understand the meaning of the caller's request. The machine gets a transcription of the text of the customer's request and attempts to classify the request. Depending on the caller's need, help could be provided by a human agent or an interactive voice response system.

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