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Thin Client Technology

Windows Over Web (WOW) or the thin client technology brings to the front, a new approach to program and application development. The technology is known as "thin client" technology as it reduces the software resources and computer hardware needed at each individual desktop.

The Understanding

Thin clients use centralized software provided over internal networks to serve a combination of PCs, Windows-based terminals and other network computing resources. Cost savings also result from less frequent desktop servicing requirements caused by software and hardware conflicts or installation problems.

WOW technology greatly helps remote agents and home based support centers. With secure applications, employees can work from remote offices and from the convenience of their homes using the same applications that are running in the office. Thin client technology helps enterprises:
It offers a viable alternative to the desktop PC for many, making access to business data and applications easy, secure and affordable. With a thin client system, the client sends keystrokes and mouse movements to the server over the network or dial-up connection, and the server sends back changes in the display. Any PC can be a client, but because very little processing is performed at the desktop, businesses can also use low-cost terminals that have no moving parts (no hard drive) and a generally small amount of memory (RAM). Since each client is just a terminal, all data and settings-and even the applications-are on the server. To back up everything for all the users, the organization only needs to back up the server. And for disaster recovery, backups are easier and more centralized, making it easier to take the backups off-site.

Features of WOW/Thin Client Technology

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