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Predictive Dialing System

Predictive-dialer is a computer based dialogic predictive dialing system that handles inbound and outbound phone calls for small to large call centers. It brings about cost savings, improved control, maximized productivity and efficient use of resources.

The Understanding

The system automatically dials the telephone for telemarketers and connects only the live voice contacts. It does this by listening and filtering out the answering machines, busy signals, operator intercepts and other types of non-functional calls. Telemarketers no longer waste time dialing numbers or listening to no answers - all they do is talk to prospects. A complex mathematical formula (predictive algorithm) is used that predicts when each telemarketer becomes available, allowing the telemarketers to flow seamlessly from one call to the next. Calls are either initiated by the phone system or accepted from the outside and distributed in an intelligent fashion to service agents using ACD systems. The process thus, improves the telemarketing production as it doubles the amount of contacts telemarketers make per day.


A predictive-dialer performs all telephone line switching, dialing and call progress function inside electronic hardware designed specifically for predictive dialing. This allows custom tailor functions for maximum performance to increase call center productivity. It is a feature where outbound calls from a user selected list are automatically initiated and answered calls are passed to available service agents. The predictive dialing algorithm determines the average time taken to get a live answer and the average length of each conversation.

The Predictive Dialer are extensively used for:

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